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Our own Kerala
Kerala, the progressive land with immense opportunities for investors, bestows an investor-friendly environment with well-structured policies and pioneering initiatives. The world-class infrastructure and the support make way for a successful venture. Among the leading commercial and trading centres of India, Kerala offers good environment for setting up any industry.Finally creating centres of educational excellence, harnessing the multiplier effects of IT-related investments and high value service sector activities will enable both employment generation and capitalise on its comparative factor advantages.Kerala, notwithstanding its breathtaking scenic beauty, skills of its people and high quality of human resources, is nowhere near realising its full economic potential.
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Our own Kerala Our own Kerala
Well-connected road and rail network. Eassy Accessibility. World Class Infrastructure. Extremely Low Operating Costs.Excellent Communications Network. Highly Skilled Manpower. India's Most Advanced Society. Three International airports at Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode and Cochin. Total Support. It is also the single largest producer of a number of other crops like banana and ginger, besides having tea and coffee in abundance. Kerala has one of the highest literacy rates in the country - about 90%. School education is free and compulsory. There are seven universities and 186 arts and science colleges in the State. The women in Kerala are more educated than women in any other part of the country.
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